Science and technology promise to transform the agri-food industry.

Efficiency enhancement is essential as the industry faces major challenges regarding market demands, competitiveness, environmental impact and the expectations of the citizen.

Regulation is helping to accelerate this evolution and reflects the needs of society to ensure that food is wholesome, safe, and produced to the highest environmental and ethical standards.

We have pioneered an innovative approach to agronomic research which delivers real value and quantifiable benefits.

Our strategic relationships with crop technology manufacturers, plant breeders and suppliers of nutritional products and precision technology facilitate early access to chemistry, genetics and technologies which are second to none.

This advantage is optimised by a truly integrated approach to product evaluation. Thoroughly testing the interaction of all the elements of crop production, so our customers can better manage risk and volatility, and maximise return on investment.

Innovation we ve had trusted min

So, for Origin, digital agriculture is the logical evolution of what we’ve always done for growers and agronomists.

Research and development has been strategically positioned at the heart of Origin. The key driving force behind our research is focused on providing value to our customer base, whether that is in identifying new solutions to existing agronomic problems, or in optimising product or system performance.

Finding ways to create significant gains at every stage in the growing process.

Giving our customers the independent information and tools to make better choices, more quickly. Helping them be more consistently profitable, and more sustainable, in one of the oldest businesses there is.

Digital in field

And the everyday contact and feedback we have with our customers means that our products and services add value at every step.

Creating an unparalleled competitive advantage for our customers, and for Origin.



"Our next generation commitment"

Origin has partnered with University College Dublin in a collaborative research partnership to develop the next generation of digital tools for use by growers and agronomists.

We believe that Decision Support Engines based on ‘big data’ will bring ‘Digital Agriculture’ to the next phase. CONSUS is leading this development through a five year €17.6 million programme which is jointly funded by Science Foundation Ireland and Origin Enterprises.