Conducting Business with Integrity

We are committed to doing the right thing, operating our business honestly, fairly and responsibly.

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Integrity is core to who we are

Our reputation is based on supplying the highest quality agronomic inputs and amenity solutions, supported by independent and impartial advice.

Trustworthiness and product provenance are essential - our customers need complete trust in the products we offer and the people advising them.

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Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct and the relevant policies supporting it define the standards expected for everyone who works for us, in all of our businesses, in every function, geography and role.

Code of Conduct

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Respect for Human Rights

We are committed to respecting human rights and labour practices in our operations and supply chains and recognise the importance of operating in an ethical and responsible manner.

Modern Slavery Statement



Origin is committed to full compliance with all statutory obligations and full disclosure to relevant tax authorities.

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Anti-Bribery and Corruption

We operate a zero-tolerance approach to bribery, money laundering, fraud and corruption, in any form.


See Something, Say Something

At Origin, we are responsible for preventing and eliminating wrongdoing within our organisation and we want to encourage you to help us in that effort.

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