Promoting Sustainable Food Production Systems

Optimisating crop output by using "just enough" of the most appropriate nutrients to ensure soil and plants get all the nutrients they need.

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Tailored solutions to support profitable, sustainable and biodiverse farming

We help select the right inputs and right application of solutions to achieve better yield, regulatory compliance, resource efficiency, and promote environmental best practice.

We continue to build exceptional capabilities to help growers overcome emerging challenges and practice sustainable agriculture - at the heart of our solution is their success, continued profitability, and individual agronomy needs.

Net on field

Research and development

Our market leading network of agronomists provides agronomic advice directly to some 37,000 growers across the UK, Poland, Ukraine and Romania. Many of these agronomist-grower relationships are long standing with a high level of trust and respect built up over generations. This is a very effective implementation pathway, bridging the gap between formal scientific research and on farm adoption, to address the individual field requirements.


Integrated Pest Management

We adopt an holistic approach to land and crop stewardship utilising our extensive R&D network. These trials, evaluate inputs including Crop Protection Chemistry, Biological / Biostimulants, Soil Fertility Enhancement products, Nutrition / Fertiliser and Seed Varieties.

But crucially we examine how these elements might be used in a holistic approach to provide profitable, environmentally sound and socially acceptable solutions.

Soil in hand

Soil & Environment

Understanding your soils is an important step to enhancing crop performance and optimising the efficient use of inputs. We understand that balanced nutrition is a cornerstone of high performing arable and grassland regimes.

This is why we continually invest in the development of our own crop nutrition capabilities, focusing on soil fertility, crop and animal health benefits.

We also understand that soil regeneration is not just about the products you apply but the management decisions taken along the way. Using our agronomists’ knowledge, we work with growers to interpret soil variations, recommend crop rotation and cultivation methods and ensure the right nutrient source is applied at the right rate at the right time in the right place.

Digital services

Our digital services equip agronomists and growers with accurate information to better target management effort and resources on farm:

• Nutrient analysis – reducing cost and improving accuracy.
• Seed – vary seed rates to achieve optimum plant counts.
• Nitrogen – reduce nitrate leaching and improve nitrogen use efficiency.
• Yield potential – soil zoning to reduce variation and optimise gross margin.
• Environmental – helping growers comply with increasing legislative requirements.