Resource Efficiency

We work hard to ensure our products and operations minimise their impact and make a positive contribution to a climate neutral economy.

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Committed to a healthier planet

Carbon reducing measures form an integral part of our approach, within our own organisation and our product offering. Our efforts help improve both our operational performance while reducing potentially harmful emissions to land, water and air.

Our journey is one of continuous development as we work with all stakeholders to make a meaningful and positive contribution towards maintaining the health of the planet through sustainable and efficient use of resources.

Carbon Footprint

As part of our aim to reduce emissions, we measure our Scope 1 and Scope 2 CO2 emissions. Due to the acquisitive nature of our business, our absolute Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions increased by 1% from our base year measurement in 2017, however we are encouraged to record a 6.8% reduction in our carbon intensity per employee.

We understand that emissions reduction is a journey and we will continue to develop strategies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions across our value chain.

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Minimising waste is an important part of reducing our direct impact on the environment. We aim to reduce all waste being generated across the Group and divert waste away from landfill. We place specific emphasis on the type of packaging used for our crop nutrition and protection products, with all packaging made from 100% recyclable material. We continue to work closely with the respective authorities in the countries we operate in to assist our customers in recycling this packaging.

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Water is arguably the most important natural resource, essential both for human survival and for the effective functioning of food production systems.

Due to the nature of our formulation and distribution model, our water consumption is low compared to general manufacturing industries. We continue to invest in infrastructure and management systems to reduce our water use and ensure due care is exercised so that all waste water complies with relevant environmental standards.