Resource Efficiency

We work hard to ensure our products and operations minimise their impact and make a positive contribution to a climate neutral economy.

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Committed to a healthier planet

Carbon reducing measures form an integral part of our approach, within our own organisation and our product offering. Our efforts help improve both our operational performance while reducing potentially harmful emissions to land, water and air.

Within our own operations, we commit to developing an Environmental Management System to an ISO14001 standard to provide demonstrable, audited, internationally recognised certification for the quantification, monitoring and control of the environmental impacts of our operations, and to inform our
future activities.

Carbon Footprint

Origin is committed to Nurturing Our Environment by reducing our direct and indirect emissions, as well as the emissions from the use of our products.

In FY23 we undertook a scope 1, 2 and 3 GHG emissions inventory and used it to establish a solid baseline of FY19 for our carbon emissions reduction targets and to identify the most important elements to address in our Carbon Transition Plan.

Our Carbon Transition Plan (CTP) frames how we have developed KPIs relevant to our agreed Science Based Targets and the cycle of innovation and continuous improvement we will use to achieve our Targets.

Scope 1 & 2 GHG Emissions

In FY2023, Absolute Scope 1 and 2 emissions decreased by 16.2% in FY23, with the Group recording a 20.1% reduction in carbon intensity over the same period (a 46.6% decrease from the 2019 baseline). The decrease was primarily driven by the lowering of emissions from our fleet in the Agrii UK division and reduced gas consumption in our Amenity processing facilities.

Furthermore, the adoption of renewable grid electricity in Origin’s operations in Ireland and the UK played a significant role in this reduction.

Scope 3 GHG Emissions

2023 is our first year to report on Scope 3 emissions. While conducting our GHG inventory analysis review, it was found that Scope 3 ‘supply chain’ emissions accounted for 99.8% of Origin’s total (Scope 1, 2 and 3) 2019 base year emissions and amounted to 9.3 million tonnes CO2-eq.

With a strong commitment to improve our Scope 3 footprint, the Group has established a target to reduce absolute Scope 3 GHG emissions from purchased goods and services, upstream transportation and distribution and use of sold products by 32.5% by 2032 from an FY2019 base year.

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We are committed to embedding circular principles, developing innovative ways to effectively manage waste streams within our
own operations.

By 2025 we are targeting zero non‑hazardous waste to landfill within Ireland & UK and commit to setting a target for rest of world by 2022.

We are equally committed to working with our partners, manufacturers and farm stakeholders to assess and identify how we can remove the use of virgin plastics in our packaging, while maintaining product integrity and safety.

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Water is arguably the most important natural resource, essential both for human survival and for the effective functioning of food production systems.

In FY2022, Origin’s overall water consumption increased by 2% on the prior year to 38.6milllion litres, driven by increased demand for plant protection products and contract crop spraying services during the key application periods.

As part of our sustainability commitments, Origin is looking to extend sprayer operator training across all the geographies in which we operate. This will have the added benefit of helping to reduce drift and protect water courses.