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We give Growers the tools they need to find and fix small problems before they become big issues.

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Connecting Agri-science with growers.

We harness the power of skilled agronomists and the best intelligence to deliver unrivalled expertise and support.

We are independent from manufacturers, so we give growers the correct advice and supply of products that they need when they need it, helping them maximise the crop yield that their profit margin depends on.


Origin Enterprises has its roots in the soil.

We have been working with farmers, growers and amenity professionals for generations, researching and producing soil supplements, developing better seed stock, sourcing the most effective crop protection technologies and getting real world feedback.

So we know that the hardest thing to grow on any farm is trust. With farm profitability dependent on a successful crop, you can’t afford to take unnecessary risks or try out every new service that’s offered.

This is why Origin has been building its portfolio of agricultural products and services from the ground up.

We continually invest in our own product based capabilities. Developing integrated crop nutrition technologies to optimise nutrient use efficiency and environmental protection.

Everything we provide is tried and tested, priding ourselves on delivering the technically appropriate solutions and growing strategies to add real value and quantifiable benefits.


Origin is more than agricultural products...

We also apply our expertise to develop turf agronomy and green space management solutions to support amenity professionals in the continuous improvement of playing surfaces.

Through applied R&D, we have developed an extensive portfolio of solutions for all sports turf and green space settings delivering vegetation & disease management technologies and sustainable integrated prevention programmes.

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Increasing resilience by managing the threats of disease, weather and pests.

We help to make each field and crop as productive as it can be. Reducing waste of resources, time, and manpower.

And because our solutions are applied across a greater footprint than anyone else’s, we can harness a greater wealth of feedback, which allows us to constantly refine and update our services, keeping us and our customers ahead of the competition.

The world needs more access to safe quality food, and growers need support. Origin is committed to being the trusted and leading supplier of that support.

About Us

We are a leading international Agri-Services group, providing specialist agronomy advice, crop inputs and digital agricultural solutions to farmers, growers and amenity professionals.

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For Suppliers

Our knowledge of local markets and agronomic expertise means we help manufactures deliver solutions which maximise productivity across the whole agronomic supply chain.

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For Investors

Our long-term relationships and unique position as trusted advisors and crop input providers have helped us establish leading market positions, integrated supply chains and multiple routes to market.

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