For Suppliers

We help manufacturers meet their business objectives and enable rapid growth.

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The hardest thing to grow on any farm is trust.

Our businesses specialise in the provision of independent and innovative advice as well as inputs and related services to farmers, growers and amenity professionals to help them optimise crop yield and economic returns on a sustainable basis.

This makes us the major route to market for leading crop technology manufacturers, plant breeders, precision technology developers and suppliers of nutritional products.

Using our agronomic expertise and local knowledge to deliver customised solutions that allow for the rapid uptake of beneficial technologies, we help suppliers and manufacturers obtain market access to meet their business objectives.

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We also help simplify their supply chains and strengthen brand reach.

Our strategic locations and geographic reach means we have the logistics and the footprint to move goods as efficiently as possible from A to B, ensuring the correct products are available and delivered when required by our customers.

Meaning we can all grow more, together.

About Us

We are a leading international Agri-Services group, providing specialist agronomy advice, crop inputs and digital agricultural solutions to farmers, growers and amenity professionals.

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For Growers

We maximise profit and minimise risk. We’ve been providing trusted, neutral, tailored advice to farmers and agronomists for over 40 years so they can grow more.

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For Investors

Our long-term relationships and unique position as trusted advisors and crop input providers have helped us establish leading market positions, integrated supply chains and multiple routes to market.

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