Agrii Romania is the new brand for Comfert and Redoxim

6th Dec 2019

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On December 6, Agrii Romania was launched as the new brand for the companies Comfert and Redoxim. As a provider of agronomic services, advanced technologies and technical advice, Agrii will combine excellence and innovation with the latest research to provide farmers with solutions for today's agricultural challenges.

Agrii Romania will continue its strategic direction and the promotion of its values, with an even deeper emphasis on integrity, partnership, people and community.

"Agri means intelligence and innovation. The two "ii" represents ​​partnership, of communication, and the "plus" means the value we want to bring in business. Starting today, all the old symbols, Redoxim and Confert will be replaced with the two "ii". People are the main value of Origin, the main value of what Agri means. Our people will have access to the intelligence and innovation they will share with the community for which we want to bring added value, and our promise is that we will act honestly. And these are our values: people, community and integrity ", said Monalisa Ungureanu, CEO Origin Romania during the launch event where AgroFood journalists were present.

What does this new brand mean? It means evolution, a step forward with a strong group, focused on healthy business values, which offers competitive advantages in the market.

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