Agrii Ukraine discuss the 2018/2019 season, distribution market trends, new services and solutions available to agribusinesses..

27th Jan 2020

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Trends in Ukrainian agribusiness intersect with the world. Agriculture is moving in the direction of reducing pesticide load, increasing soil fertility, and increasing biological diversity. Added to this is the high demand for digitization of the process, which is well developed in Ukraine's agriculture.

Due to recent trends in the market, fluctuations in stock prices, agricultural producers are trying to understand why, where and how much they can save. Many farmers see cost cutting as the only way to increase profitability. Those distribution models that are available on the Ukrainian market today do not meet the real needs of agricultural producers, so companies are in a state of transformation.

“Distribution must become a service. This is also about changing our business model. Demand for products will be inferior to demand for solutions. This is a trend that is only developing, but we understand it very well. Three years ago, we decided to change our business model, and at the beginning of December we officially announced that Agroscope International is changing its positioning and becoming part of the Agrii World Group, - said Anton Yakovenko, CEO of Agrii . - We will use our experience in other countries to provide performance-oriented agronomic services. Our strategy is to increase the market share of agro services and the value proposition of the company through a focused approach to working with suppliers and our own innovations, obtaining and maintaining the status of independent expert and the most innovative partner of the agricultural producer. "

According to Oleksiy Stetsenko, Business Development Director , Agrii is focused on continuous research and new developments to help its clients find solutions to maximize profits. This approach involves a fully integrated production system based on farm research and management in agronomy.

“In practice, this will mean that we, together with the client, set a target for the planned yield of the crop in which he is interested in improving technology, and during the growing season, will provide specific advice and recommendations for maintaining the yield potential. If we do not reach the planned yield - we will bear the financial responsibility, which will be reflected in the contract. As far as I know, nobody does this or almost no one in the market, - Oleksiy Stetsenko commented . - Our client will not only receive products, we will offer a list of services to choose from: agronomic support, which includes laboratory tests, digital products, including meteorological forecasts. It all works for the client. He can choose what services he wants to use. In addition, our partners will be able to monitor the development of their fields using a digital platform that has an intuitive interface. "

Help . The Origin Group is a leading provider of agronomic services, technologies and strategic solutions in agribusiness. Areas of activity: distribution, agronomic services, agrotrading. The company's businesses are represented in Ireland, the United Kingdom, Ukraine, Poland, Romania, Belgium and Brazil.

In Ukraine, the group of companies operates under the Agrii brand and has 13 official regional offices, 7 regional warehouses with a total area of ​​20,000 m2, two demonstration centers, several laboratories: agrochemical, seed and phytopathology.

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