FOLIQ Fertilisers receive ECO certificate

7th Oct 2020

Foliq 1

FoliQ Amical, FoliQ Ascovigor and FoliQ Aminovigor fertiliser products receive ECO certificate qualifying them for use in organic farming.

We are proud to announce that our foliar fertilisers FoliQ Amical, FoliQ Ascovigor and FoliQ Aminovigor FoliQ have received a certificate of qualification for use in organic farming (No. NE / 531/2020). These fertilisers have been classified as ECO by the Institute of Soil Science and Plant Cultivation.

The FoliQ series of foliar fertilisers are high quality fertilisers that are valued by farmers. Using innovative production technology while maintaining the highest standards in the selection of raw materials, the quality of FoliQ fertilisers allows for the effective uptake of ingredients, providing quick and reliable nutrition to plants.

In its latest issue the TOP AGRAR magazine announced that FoliQ fertilisers were granted the ECO certificate.

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